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Our Story

Katy Boc and Todd Nickerson met in 2014 and began writing songs together after discovering a mutual love for American roots music. At the time they were each playing in different bands, but it wasn't long until they began performing together as a duo. Since then, Sparrow Blue has released and EP and performed at venues such as the Spire Center for the Performing Arts, Club Passim, TOAD Cambridge, Atwoods Tavern, and Rockwood Music Hall. In November of 2015 they released their debut album, Mabel, which Red Line Roots called "a sweet rootsy sound that is clean and crisp as it displays hints of Americana goodness" and South Shore Living called "lilting, dark, and spellbindingly catchy". When not performing, Katy teaches fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, and viola. Visit katyboc.com to learn more about private lessons. 

Sparrow Blue is planning to release their second album in 2018. 

Katy and Todd live on the south shore of Massachusetts with five children, two dogs, and one tiny cat.